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Eye portrait

An Eye Portrait

Eyes are unique, sometimes it’s all you need to recognize someone. A look in someone’s eyes can give you a certain feeling or raise a question. To capture that look in a drawing is exactly what we strive to do.

Send us a photograph of your loved ones (below) and we’ll check if it is a good base for an ‘eye portrait’.

Prices start from 99,- EUR
(depending on size and options)

eyes drawing by epenko

Only the best materials

We draw on acid-free paper (300 gsm) with black pigmented ink. We only use materials of the highest quality, so the drawing is a gift to enjoy for many years.

Examples of drawings

Ogen van Cruyff
ogen by epenko

How it works

    • You send us your photograph via the form beneath
    • We will look closely at your pictures and check if it is a good base for a drawing
    • We’ll send you an email with a confirmation if we can use the photo
    • Then we’ll start with your drawing
    • If it is completed and meets our quality standards, we’ll package the drawing and we will send it to you
robot epenko


In the 17th century, dutch masters had many assistants. Times have changed.
Now there is advanced technology that allowes Epenko to make machine assisted drawings.

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